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.Field Trial Winning English Springer Spaniel stud dog Fully Health Tested

FTW Tregerest Woodcock of Winhocklin    DOB ..March 2010

( Annual BVA/KC ISDS eye Test GPRA/GPRA-Normal- 15/08/12)

(Gonioscopy-Glaucoma Predisposition-Clear-15/08/12)

DNA test -Fuco Clear

DNA test-GPRA Cord -1 Clear

STUD FEE £325 Discount for Trial Bitch`s

3rd Nov 2011 Trigger Wins Bristol & West Nov Av

Trigger was a very easy dog to train due to his keen intrerst in tennis balls. He is a great marking dog and will pick any and everything up. He is a very honist dog and always wanting to please .

He won his novice stake at just 19 months old which was his second trial in his first season. He was also the youngest dog in this stake. Once he had won we decided to put him away till next season to allow him to develop as he is only a young dog .

Proven Stud

The puppy picture above is of one of Triggers pups........

Trigger produces black and white as well as liver and white.



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