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Declaration of Breed Lines

Hockley Gundogs is aware that all customer's are different and as such we strive to produce dogs of different breed lines to meet individual's requirements. One aimed at the competitive and experienced gundog handler and the other aimed at the domestic/novice and low intensity gundog owner.

Experienced Breed Line:  AFFIX Winhocklin

This line is aimed at the competitive and experienced handler giving a high level of pace, ability and intelligence with the very best competitive pedigree (i.e. dogs that have proven themselves in trials) without compromise on the conformation and tongue. This line of breeding tends to produce a high energy dog requiring an experienced handler to get the very best out of the dog.

Domestic/Novice Handler Breed Line: AFFIX Rothlinco

The aim is to try and produce a dog with an easily manageable energy level for the domestic and novice handler but without sacrificing the dogs natural ability to hunt and retrieve plus producing a dog with good conformation and a mute tongue. Although this breed line will not be competitive stock, the parents will still have had to prove themselves as having the skills and natural ability within the shooting field.

Cocker pups born Aug 16th

One black bitch for sale

One black dog for sale

One liver Roan dog for sale

Ready in October

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  • For more information on these litters and litters coming up contact Chris on 07885 645136.


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