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At Hockley Gundogs we have a range of facilities that have been carefully put together to enable us to provide everything needed to produce a superbly trained dog. 

We have a new, larger rabbit pen which is one of the most important facilities required by the trainer. 

One of the most common problems in training a gundog that is to be used for flushing is that they have a tendency to 'run in'. Training with the rabbit pen helps to prevent this becoming a problem.

The rabbit pen allows the trainer to artificially flush may times whilst maintaining the ability to step in and teach the gundog to sit at point of contact rather than chasing or trying to pick up.

 At Hockley Gundogs we also have rivers for water based training and the unique opportunity to shoot over your dog at a range of quarry all year round, under the guidance and supervision of one of our expert trainers.

Hockley gun Dogs have extensive and varied land from open fields to dense cover providing you with every possible scenario that you may encounter in the field.

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