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Help your clients get the most from their expensive day game shooting!

So often we have heard of game shoots being complained about, how often have you heard this said "I didn't see enough birds", "they weren't driven well", "the birds weren't getting up enough".

We all know that sometimes a game shoot has a bad day and this may be true but usually the people complaining are the guns who couldn't hit a barn door from ten paces! They are embarassed at their poor performance and probably won't return.

At Chalky Hill we recognise that the majority of guns are self taught and usually only shoot a handful of times a year. So of course when they arrive on their £1000 day they don't stand much chance of success. And it's your shoot that gets the blame.

We are now offering a service to game shoots to help reduce this problem.

We come to your shoot early in the morning on the day of your shoot. We bring with us at least three traps that we use for our simulated game days (depending on your needs) and can simulate pretty much any bird that your client is likely to see that day.

We provide a suitably qualified and experienced coach who will help your guns to get their eye in prior to heading out for the first drive.

We throw as many clays as is appropriate for the time allocated and ensure that your clients get the practice that they need.

The cost for this service starts at just £300 for three traps. We  offer this service throughout Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Berkshire and Wiltshire. We can travel further afield for an additional charge.

A small price to pay to maintain and improve the reputation of your shoot.

Contact us for more details;

By Phone: 07909 786272



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